Photo and Jacket by Rambling Designs, Today's Finished Object Made of Awesome

I've had this open on my tabs for quite some time. This exquisite sweater/jacket knitted by Rambling Designs isn't just expertly executed, but also fits the knitter perfectly. The best part? Rambling Designs knit it freehand, herself. This I suppose isn't all that surprising since Rambling Designs is uh, a designer. I love the rustic quality of her work and how she is able to bring out the yarn's texture in her designs.





Here's what she has to say about the jacket:

Here it is now, done and done! I am very happy with it! It's something for every day. Not quite as thick as a winter coat, but warmer then the summer jackets I have.

Awesome Knitting, Rambling Designs!
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