Do you hear that sound? What sound you ask? You don't here anything? That's right, it's quiet around here because my oldest son started Kindergarten today. That means more time for writing AND more time for knitting and I already have a mostly finished object to share: The Redfern Cardigan from Interweave Knits Fall 2014 issue. I say mostly finished because it still needs buttons. I will say that it's been the most satisfying knitting project I've ever done. I loved the yarn, the pattern was well written and easy to follow and not too boring to knit. The stitch pattern along the arms, shoulders, neck and pockets kept things interesting. 


In these photos I'm still working on the pockets (and making massive mistakes on the first one that I had to rip out a few times, ugh).




I'll post pictures of myself actually wearing the cardigan once I get the buttons chosen and sewn on. I'm already thinking about what kind of sweater to knit next. Time to dive into the stash!

What are you knitting?

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