I love it when I have a finished object to share for Finished Object Friday. It doesn't happen so often. I usually have ginormous projects that take months to knit, but lately I've been knitting little shawls and hats. Let me warn you the hat that I just finished may cause a hat knitting spree of Yarn Harlot proportions. (The Yarn Harlot has often knit the same pattern repeatedly ((uh tulip sweater anyone))). I wouldn't be surprised if I knit 5 of these Hannah Hats from the Pepperberry Knits people. Consider yourself warned as you view the next photo:


I love this hat. I love wearing this hat. If you're lucky enough to be able to knit it with the Pepperberry Knits cashmere you will have a hat that will make you feel better about any silly annoyance in the world. I also love that the pattern comes with three different styles of hat to knit so you're basically getting three patterns for the price of one. You can bet that I'm going to knit all three of the styles. Next up is the conductor's cap.

But for now I'm going to keep loving the Hannah Hat.


What are you knitting right now? Let me know in the comments? I'd love to read about your favorite knitting patterns.

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