Knit Luck Loves: Comic Books and Knitting

Sometimes, I come across a knitting Etsy shop that makes my jaw drop. It's not that often that I find a yarn vendor that speaks to all of my favorite things. Yes friends, I have found Knittink, an artisan hand-dyer and fiber provider who is inspired by comic books and pop culture!!!!

Those of you who may have been reading KnitLuck for a while may know of my obsession with comic books and my feeling about how a comic book obsession fits in so well with knitting. Each yarn is named for a comic book or pop culture icon. I'm hoping that maybe they come out with some Scott Pilgrim colors.


Oh and Knittink also sells spinning wheels in case you needed that sort of thing (god help me I do)

So here is Knittink's Etsy Shop.

Here are some other tlinks I think you might enjoy, if you like comic books and knitting:


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