schmoozeIt's been a little slower paced around KnitLuck. My work schedule has ramped up and I don't have as much time to burn the candle at both ends anymore. I end up falling asleep by 10pm. And I barely have enough mind capacity for anything more complicated than knitting stockinette in the round.

So I've been sitting here drooling over these links of beautiful yarns and complicated knitting patterns.

Posh Yarn will be opening their shop again on Sunday night British Summer Time. I've got my eye on the mulberry laceweight. (see left)

Sally of the Rainey sisters is knitting a Cathedrale sweater and it is so meticulously beautiful that my poor little brain synapses would shut down completely just trying to cast on the sweet thing.

The Happy College Knitter is finding more time to knit a shawl -in a stunning shade of blue!

Oh and Cosymakes has a new hat pattern, which features a simple way to incorporate your handspun yarn.


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