This policy is valid from 27 July 2010

Thank you in choosing Knit Luck for your product review. Please read my product review policy. The blog, Knit Luck, will be happy to provide an honest and fair review of your product. To contact the blog author, please email angela[at]knitluck[dot]com.

  • Any product that you wish to have reviewed will be shipped to the blog author at no expense to the blog author.
  • All products sent for review will become the property of the blog author and are non-returnable. The blog author will in no way be charged for the product(s) sent for review.
  • If the blog author cannot write anything positive in the review of your product, the author will contact you via email prior to posting the review.
  • The blog author will not accept cash compensation or direction on how to write the review. All reviews provided will be honest reviews based on the blog author's experience with the product(s).
  • If for any reason the blog author cannot complete the product review, the author will contact the company via email and return the product.

The blog, Knit Luck, is written, edited, and published by the listed blog author. It is not a collaborative blog. Guest posts are unusual and shall be indicated as such. The author of Knit Luck receives products FREE of charge from companies to review. In exchange for the review, the blog author does keep the product(s) to be reviewed. In no way is the blog author influenced to write a specific review.

The blog author writes a product review based solely on the blog author's experience with said product. The blog author is not a cash compensated advertiser of reviewed products unless otherwise stated in the blog post. The author of Knit Luck may also receive travel and/or conference sponsorship. Unless otherwise noted in the blog post, the author keeps all products, travel, and attends conferences FREE of charge from said company, manufacturer, or PR firm. These items do not influence the blog author's review in any way.

The blog author does not sell advertising on the Knit Luck Blog. Some dvertising is of a third party nature, Google Ads . All advertising from companies on Google Ads is solely a relationship between Google Ads and those companies. The blog author does receive cash compensation from Google Ads on a per click basis. The blog author does not choose the ads placed on the Knit Purl Gurl Blog and does not endorse said products. The blog author may also post affiliate links which provide per click compensation.

Some advertising is given to on an affiliate basis. Many of the links to products on this site will go to to help offset the costs of writing and maintaining this websites.

Any comments, questions, or complaints about products are the sole responsibility of the manufacturer. All communications regarding those products should be directed to the manufacturer(s) of the product(s). The blog, Knit Luck, is not liable for others' experiences with the products reviewed on this blog. The product review is a personal experience and therefore unpaid opinion. Knit Luck Disclosure policy applies to all product reviews published on this blog unless otherwise stated in the blog post.

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