Dear Madonna,

I hear that you're producing directing the movie, "W.E." which loosely involves Wallis Simpson and her relationship with King Edward the nth (forgive me, I'm American and I lose track of British Kings after the second or third). I think it's a fabulous idea and look forward to watching the trailer on the intertubes. Hopefully, I can get babysitting and get to see the movie in an actual theatre (but please, for the love of god do not release it in 3D). I'm a sucker to period films, so consider me a ticket already sold. Anyway, I was hoping you could do me a solid and answer a burning question for me.

Was King Edward the 8th (I'm sorry, nowadays he's known as the Duke of Windsor) a knitter (I finally got around to looking him up on Wikipedia)? Yes, I know, it's a fool of a question, but you see the Yarn Harlot has inserted this idea into my head that King Edward the nth loved fair isle sweaters so much that he acutally knit them himself. She mentioned it in her book Stephanie Pearl-McPhee Casts Off: The Yarn Harlot's Guide to the Land of Knitting -a great read, I swear.

I believe that there just isn't enough knitting in cinema. Sure, every once and a while we get a glimpse of a grandma knitting, or of that girl who used to be on the cover of Interweave Knits starring in a movie, but really that isn't enough. And think of all of the man knitters out there? Isn't it about time they get a little cinematic love too?

(you can blame theYarn Harlot -she's the one who mentioned this as a possibility)

Now I know this isn't some crusty biopic, that you have some interesting device that revolves around an auction of some sort, so I'm hoping that at least maybe you could include some kooky dream sequence, perhaps? I'm telling you you'd get millions of knitters all lined up to see the film, just to see the King of England surrounded by knitting bobbins, trying to read a chart. Extra bonus points if he fixes a dropped stitch.

Thanks Madonna, you rock.

Yours truly,

Angela P Hockabout

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