Sometimes I hear that some people find knitting to be a turn off in a potential partner. I know that on a surface level some people still think that knitting is dorky or for grandmas. Knitters of course know that to be WRONG, but maybe it's time to do a little edumacation for everyone else as to why knitters make great partners.


You will be warm in winter

If a knitter likes you at all he or she may knit you things. You'll end up with hats, fingerless gloves and sweaters, but beware: if you do not show appropriate appreciation for said knitted items knitters will stop knitting things for you. That's considered the nice way to be offended at the lack of appreciation. They'll just start knitting things for other people so do yourself a favor and be extremely grateful for anything and everything a knitter makes for you -whether or not you're dating them.

Your house will have extra insulation from all that yarn hanging around

Yes, if you date a knitter they will probably have a large yarn stash. You might have to move into a place with an extra bedroom to accomodate all of the yarn. If you don't have a lot of space you might start finding yarn in strange place such as the freezer, under the bed, in the linen closet. Let's be honest anywhere that there is empty space will become filled with knitting projects, yarn, knitting needles, bags and notions. While you might have difficulty finding bath towels among all of the yarn your heating bills in the winter might just go down a tic or two.

Your partner will happily encourage you to play video games all weekend (so that they can knit all weekend)

Many knitters have had this moment happen to them: it's the weekend. Your boyfriend or girlfriend says something like "why don't we go do something" and internally we gasp because truly we just want to sit around and knit. Perhaps I'm knitting a sweater and I'm just about finished with the sleeves and all I want to do is seam them to the sweater and block it, preferably while watching a Dr. Who marathon (or Lord of the Rings, or Star Wars -insert your favorite tv binge-a-thon here). Knitters gotta knit and they're more than happy to knit while you play endless video games.

Your partner will be happy and less stressed out.

Studies have been done and they show that knitting combats stress

You will know what gifts to get your partner

IF you have a knitter in your life it's really easy to get them gifts. Anything knitting related will be very happily accepted. Especially is it's yarn made out of cashmere. Or interchangeable knitting needle sets. Or a new knitting bag.

Knitters are too busy knitting, even in the car

Some knitters will be too busy knitting on a car trip to be a back seat driver (downside, they might not make very good navigators). There is a greater truth to this. Some knitters, especially the most obsessed and passionate ones find knitting to be more than a hobby, but something that gives them an identity. These kinds of knitters have a self-sustaining passion, an interest that makes them more secure in themselves in our humble non-study-proven opinion. 

You will discover the joy of sox. Handknitted socks that is.

If you are lucky and I mean super lucky, like you take super extra good care of the knitter in your life they might do something really special for you. They might knit you a pair of socks. I know it sounds a lot sexier than it is, but once you wear a pair of handknitted socks that comform perfectly to your foot without a hint of itchyness you will become a handknit sock convert and request a whole wardrobe of handknitted socks.

You wanna watch sports? Watch all the sports while your partner knits.

See the same for video games. Some baseball teams even have knitting nights once a season.

Sure there are some downsides. You might have to wait until your partner finishes knitting a row before you can have a conversation or make dinner. Do yourself a favor and don't interrupt when your knitting partner is counting stitches,  but these downsides pale in comparison to the benefits of loving a knitter. 

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