Lately I have had either time to knit, or I had time to write about knitting. Seeing as the Dahlia project was stockinette heavy and not all that interesting to write about I decided I would focus on knitting the sweater rather than writing about knitting the sweater. That works for me because now that the sweater is finished I'm totally ready to share it with you. 

The Dahlia sweater is one of those must-knit projects. At least for me when I saw it in the Fall 2011 issue of Interweave Knits I had to knit it. ASAP. Alas in fall of 2011 I had a newborn nursing which kinda put the kaibosh on elaborate knitting, but shortly after I finished the Shakespeare Cardigan last year I became determined to knit another cardigan and cast on. However I was not without my reservations about the cardigan. It's one of those floppy side cardigans where the two fronts just hang there all drapey, which works really well in catalogs and photo shoots but I was a bit concerned that in real life they were not that practical and would just make it look like my post-nursing boobs had extra appendages.


That is me, mildly surprised that this sweater actually looks good on me. Actually it's the best fitting sweater I've ever knitted. The color works great for my skin, the wool isn't scratchy, the waist is in the right spot, the fronts actually work with my bust. This sweater may have renewed my faith in knitting. 


I love the lace flower detail on the wrists. 

As usual I did not use the recommended yarn in the pattern. The original yarn (can't think of it now) was an alpaca blend (I think), which would work really well with the drapyness of the sweater. As such I was worried that the 100% wool would be a bit stiff, but it totally loosened up after a good soak in the bath. I used Cascade 220 sport, which has now become one of my favorite yarns because it's just so darned affordable and the heathered effect that I got with the Mystic Heather color turned out lovely. 

Maybe I do have my knitting mojo back.


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