Sister Diane of Craft Social and Craftypod posted an interesting article the other day about knitting celebrities and how sometimes these "famous crafters" are foisted upon us as models and how in many cases these models can get us down because we can never attain the image that they portray of their perfect projects and their flawless finished objects. I know it gets me down and it's one of the reasons I enjoy reading the Yarn Harlot because she frequently shares her mistakes and screw ups.

I'm not a crafty celebrity by any stretch of the imagination, but I thought it might be time for us to share our messes. We all know how our yarn has magical ways of getting tangled together just sitting innocently in the yarn basket. And sometimes we actually have to delve into the knitting basket and revisit unfinished knitting failures objects. I did just that last night. The photos aren't pretty, but sometimes crafting isn't pretty. Sometimes it's a big mess. Sometimes our photos aren't very good and that's ok.

What are your knitting messes? Do you have photos of your untamed yarn basket? Share in the comments.





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