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Early last year I knitted a baby blanket and I was sorely tempted to keep it because it looked so good in my room. It was a bright ray of color that made me smile and those of you who read this blog know that I really needed the smiles. However, who was I to deny that kind of color to a newborn so I coughed up the courage to let go of the blanket. It was the right thing to do and I know it's gone to a good home. That said, I still wanted my own. 

Lucky for me I've got more Crystal Palace Cotton Chenille Yarn than any sane person, let alone a knitter should have. Now that I have my dream knitting chair and I've finished the lumbar pillow for it I thought it was time to also make a throw blanket for the chair.

Yes. I am knitting something for a chair.


That's how much I love this chair. I am going to knit a cotton chenille chevron blanket for it. I love this chair so much that I have kept my bedroom clean and vacuumed for more than a week. I love this chair so much that I have kept our entire living space clean. People, I started cleaning out a closet because I love this chair so much. This chair does not deserve to live in a shlubby bedroom as a glorified laundry rack. It deserves to be sat in, knitted in and loved. It certainly does not deserve to have tea dropped on it (though that has already happened in drops and never will again).

Why am I rhapsodizing about a simple chair? Because I live in a ridiculous housing market where despite my family making good money we cannot afford to pay rent here. It sucks driving around and knowing that the only way we could afford to rent here is if we wanted to live in a glorified shoebox and paying top dollar for the privilege, all the while unable to enjoy good meals, going out with our family, forget about vacations. I may not be able to afford housing here, but I can afford a fancy chair (that I bought off of craigslist). I've made this little corner my true home. No matter where I go, I can bring this chair. From now on, home is wherever this chair is. 

It's not any wonder that yarn shops are closing across the bay area. Two closed in the East Bay in the last year. Nine Rubies closed on the peninsula and Bluebird in Marin County is on the verge of closing. All of them are closing for different reasons, and maybe business was good for them. Many of them were around for more than five years, but the writing is on the wall. When you're paying 50% of your income on rent, you can't spend your money on non-essentials, so yarn purchases are the first to go out the window. The sad thing is that there isn't a chair pretty enough in the world to replace the joy I get from a friendly, well stocked yarn shop that has regular knit nights. Sadly in the Bay Area such shops are in short supply. :( 

I *do* have a knitting group I enjoy and hopefully we'll get to meet more often in the coming months, but for now it's me, my knitting and my chair. 

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