To continue our series of posts of holiday gifts for knitters that aren't needles or yarn, we recommend slippers.

Every knitter needs a new pair of slippers. Yes, slippers. As much as a knitter can knit and felt a pair of slippers for herself, there is nary a knitter out there who wouldn't enjoy a pair of fuzzy slippers to wear around the house on a cold rainy day while he/she knits. And for you Canadian and East Coast knitters, there are just some days where hand-knitted socks aren't enough to keep your feet warm.

Check out some of these slippers available from
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slippersdoggyThese are the cutest. slippers. ever. Paging Nutmeg Knitter.



I love these Dearfoam slippers -they look like you might have knitted them and when someone says "oh wow, did you knit those?" you could say "uh no I didn't, but don't they look like I did?". They come in a variety of colors besides boring gray.



slippersgraymuklukThis the hi-top version version of the slippers above, also made by Dearfoam, in case you don't like it when your ankles get cold. I think the pom poms are a very nice touch, especially for the holidays.





I love these fleece slippers with the concentric multicolored dots. There's something about the colors against the brown that really pops that appeals to the same part of me that loves the many colors of yarn. It makes me go squee.


slippertweedI like these slippers because the colorway is called "smokey tweed" and we all know that I love anything with the word tweed in it.




What are you looking for this holiday season? What's the best gift you've received that's tickled the knitter in you that wasn't yarn or needles.

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