6189ZF-96SL._SL160_In the last two weeks, I've been reading a lot from test knitters and obsessed sock knitters alike, all excited about the pdf release and the November 25th hardcopy release of sock designer extraordinaire Cookie A's new book Knit. Sock. Love.

Knitty.com has published many of Cookie's patterns and is also excited about the new book.

Nutmeg Knitter was a test knitter for one of the sock patterns and shares her experience test knitting for Cookie.

Knitspot has a fabulous review (ok a gushing, possibly biased review, with lots of pictures) of Knit Sock Love.

Nartian Knits shares her Knit Sock Love test knit, in various shades of green.

Auburn Chick also shares her test knitted sock for Cookie A.

What do you think is Knit Sock Love on your must-buy list? Is this something you'd like to get for the holidays?


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