hampsteadwreathTwo weeks ago we had all the cool Thanksgiving Turkey Knitting you've ever wanted to try and now that it's November we thought it was fair enough to start featuring some holiday wreaths to knit and crochet. They make excellent gifts and come in so many flavors that you can knit or crochet them to suit whatever winter holiday you celebrate. From Hannukah to Christmas you can find a wreath to make according to your own personal beliefs, simply change the colors, or make some holiday symbols and you have the perfect, long lasting holiday wreath for your family.

There are 9 fabulous wreaths, some of them only available in certain issues or books, but some of these are free knitting and crochet patterns for the holidays!

Soon I'm going to start my holiday knitting and you can guarantee that I'm going to give the Hampstead Wreath a whirl. Stay tuned for when I cast on! I need some holiday brightness around the house this year!

What kind of patterns do you like to knit for the holidays? Let me know in the comments!


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