While mostly I try to focus on what other people are knitting, today's one of those rare days when I include pictures of what I'm upto at my house.

These are the happy feet socks for My Honey. Fondly known Chez Knitluck as the Camo socks. I'm actually a very boring sock knitter. I love stockinette.


This lump of brown stockinette is actually two sleeves on one very long pair of bamboo needles. I'm knitting the Cambridge Jacket for my brother. AKA the never ending sleeves, I think we've finally found the light ant the end of the tunnel.


And here is my lace project. It's Miss Lambert's shawl. It's my 30th bday present to myself. Thats Copper Zephyr if you were wondering.

I'm also having a little minirose obsession, as seen below:


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