It started when my son woke up Thursday night around 11pm. He was crying a little louder than usual and seeing his little face, I could tell why. The little guy had a runny nose and it totally confused him. I spent the remainder of the night waking up with him as he dealt with his first stuffy nose. He was a champ, but the next day I was an exhausted mess. That night, I caught the cold and had another sleepless night. That makes for two sleepless nights in a row, which makes me one unhappy camper.

I got up that Saturday morning sleepy and in full-body pain. I was sore from head to toe with a scratchy throat to boot. Since then, I've been having migraine headaches, general crankiness and exhaustion, but my son has been a good example for me and I've tried making the best of it, managing to fit in some knitting between sneezing and kleenex. :D

I finished this hat for Baby KnitLuck. It's Kyle's Cap, which can be found here. I knit it with Crystal Palace Cotton Chenille. Both the pattern and the yarn are old favorites and it's a joy to see my own son finally wearing one of these hats, since I've made so many of them for other people.


I also cast on The Columbia Hat with the Goddess Yarns Ellen leftover from the Retro Shrug from a week or two ago.

I suppose that means that I'm in a hat mood.

Also today, I found my way to the sale at Piedmont Yarn. I was a very good girl and restrained myself to only one purchase:


Hope the rest of you are having a lovely Labor Day.  What did you guys do?

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