Summer is almost over and my favorite time of year is at hand: knitting weather. You would think that I would be over the moon with the upcoming longer nights and cooler weather, but I'm in a funk. I hate funks. I'm in between things. I'm unsure supposed to be doing right now, but weighed down with obligations and expectations.

I planned a summer trip of invigorating excitement, when I should have planned something quiet and simple with my husband. Funny how sometimes you don't realize what you need until you ruthlessly pursue what you think you need and the results fall flat.

What I need more than anything in the world right now is a quiet cave, for just a weekend. Just me, some music, films and my knitting. Maybe my husband too for the second half of the weekend.

Unfortunately this fall is just not set up for that kind of getaway. Older son is in preschool and there's a lot of participation involved, which is great and I'm thankful for the new community, but still requires thought and adjustment. There are weddings and birthdays and fundraisers, which require planning and babysitters and outfits and wedding gifts.

Also hanging over me is the knowledge that very soon we are going to have to move and get rid of a ton of stuff in the process, the idea of which is so painful, that I want to just get rid of it all now.

Add to that the vagueries of getting rid of Comcast and I find that I am between internet and cable and feeling way behind, especially since I write internet content for a living I'm feeling very disconnected from the world.

At least there's always knitting.


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