51SV5arXahL._SS500_Every now and then a book comes along that represents a point of view that isn't just relevant for you, but for a whole generation of women. A book that shows you that you weren't the only one that felt that way. The way author Jane Brocket discusses her conflict between the desire to pursue traditionally domestic crafts and the conflict of pursuing a career. I think millions of women have proven that it is indeed feministic to celebrate these traditionally female crafts and to integrate them into our daily lives -indeed to use them to liberate ourselves.

The Gentle Art of Domesticity by Jane Brocket has captured my imagination. It represents the kind of life that I want to live. One full of family and creative pursuits.

The photographs are full of color and texture. The essays about the author's path along the domestic arts rings so true to my own perspective. This is writter by a later generation Martha Stewart. From baking, gardening, knitting and sewing; This book will have you diving into your craft stashes to make more beautiful things for your home (if not spur you to do come housecleaning as well).

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