Black Bunny Fiber's mauvelace
Black Bunny Fiber's Mauve Wool Silk Lace Weight
Here's what I've been reading lately. I've switched from the Bloglines reader to Google Reader, which I love because it's much easier to share interesting things I've found with my friends. Not everyone has caught on to Google reader's "share" feature, which allows you to share your favorite posts with your gmail contacts. Google Reader is also and excellent way of keeping track of the best things I've read.

I've been reading a lot of knitting and non-knitting stuff lately:

Bravado Avocado - Kooky NY Librarian travels the world and says funny things. Oh and she talks about good food and hates bad pickup lines that inadvertently insult tall women.

Google's "What's Hot In Google Reader" - Sometimes you find a few gems in there.

Yarn Harlot - I know, I know, who isn't reading the Yarn Harlot, but honestly this summer she seems to have been picking up the pace on posting with some yarn-heavy goodness, which I find myself checking everyday to see if there's something new. There's a nice thread of narrative there too with the recent Tour De Fleece.

The Kitchn - Some of the tastiest recipes and informative food blogging on the web.

Droid-Life - I recently got the Droid X (click here for some android knitting apps) and this keeps me informed about updates and apps.

Go Knit in Your Hat - Lots of pretty pictures and some yummy sock yarn from Black Bunny Fibers.

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