It's once again time for some KnitLuck blogging tips. This series is meant to help you connect with other knitbloggers and get more traffic to your site. There are some simple things you can do which I've talked about before, such as commenting on other blogs,  and following these tips to writing a good knitting blog. Today I'm talking about trackbacks.

You may have heard about trackback. It's a way to tell another website that you have linked to it (or tracking back). You may have seen some blogs with trackback. They'll have a link that says "click here for the trackback link". Clicking on this link is rather confusing b/c it takes you to the same page that you were just on. As such, it's not inherently obvious how to make it work or what it can do for you. So let me tell you.

Say you found something really cool that you wanted to link to your blog. Check to see if that blog has a trackback link. Instead of clicking on the link, mouse over it, right click and choose "copy this link". The link will then be copied to your clipboard, ready for you to paste into your blog.

Some blocks allow you to "create a trackback link". This is a little easier to understand. Simply click on that link and a new window will open and will give you a trackback link for you to copy.

Anyhoo, so when you're ready to link to this cool stuff on your blog, paste the trackback link into your blog editor link instead of a regular link. When you publish your blog, your trackback link will tell the website you've linked to that you've linked to them.

The cool thing about this is that Google picks up these connections as additional traffic to your site, which in turn raises your rankings and makes your site easier to find.

Here are some great links to help you understand Trackbacks.

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