bloggingforknitterslogoWelcome to the second article in a series to help knitters start their own knitting blogs. We've written a few articles already and our latest one with simple instructions on how to start a knitting blog has already gotten a few comments with a few suggestions. Some people felt that this latest article with simple tips to start blogging now was too simplistic and had nothing of value to add to the conversation about blogging for knitters. However, I believe that sometimes people want the simplest steps to get them started and will explore further when you give them a chance. There will always be the opportunity to write another article to be more specific.

You see, I remember being a beginning knit blogger back in 2004 and wanting to be a part of the knitblogger community, but I had NO idea where to start and there were way fewer resources for new bloggers than there are now. Even now there are few blogging resources especially for knit bloggers. When I was starting, all I wanted to know was whether I needed to know HTML to blog, and how to get started ASAP, so hopefully I have provided new knit bloggers with the TL;DR version of how to start a knitting blog. However I promise that we will get a little more detailed in the later articles... like right now.

Which brings me to How to Name Your Knitting Blog.Yesterday I shared that I felt using a pun to title your knitting blog was a little overdone. I stick by that. Using a pun is a cute and clever way to name a blog (and a local yarn shop) and if you've already done it, I salute you. However, I've found that it's been done to excess and I feel that there are better ways for knitters to represent themselves in the way that they choose the title of their blog.

Why am I making such a big deal out of naming your blog? It is important and chosing something generic tells your potential audience nearly nothing about what they're going to read on your blog. Giving yourself an dynamic name empowers you with a perspective, which can inspire you to find something new to write about anytime.


First Off, What Makes a Great Name:

  • Lets readers know what you're writing about in a simple way
  • Easy to remember
  • Creates an image in the mind
  • Suggests a point of view
  • Inspires you to keep writing


Figuring out the name of your blog


Get brainstorming!

Get out a piece of paper and a pen and just start writing words and phrases that you want to write about. Think about the following questions and a great knitting blog title may make itself known to you.

First, think about what you have to say about knitting

Write down why you love knitting, think about what it is about knitting that you want to share. Consider what parts of knitting are you good at? What kinds of yarns do you like to knit with? What makes you and your knitting special? Your knitting point of view is inherently special and just because thousands of other knitters have started knitting blogs doesn't mean that you don't have something interesting to say. Even if all you want to do is share your knitting progress over time, you can choose a title that reflects your particular knitting perspective.

Think about who you want to reach

You're going to be writing to an audience. Obviously, you're going to be writing with knitters and crafters in mind, but within knitting there are subsets of knitters. You have very experienced knitters, beginner knitters, knitters who like to knit lace, knitters who like to knit socks. Discover the audience you want to connect with and come up with a name that will appeal to them.

Consider why you want to write a knitting blog

We have a bunch of reasons why you should write a knitting blog, but what are the reasons that are meaningful to you? Are you looking to meet more knitters? Are you wanting to share your secret tips and tricks? Do you eventually want to publish your own knitting patterns? Are you trying to sell your hand dyed yarns? In the two latter cases, you can title your blog in the same way that you would title your business. You do want to maintain that branding so that you are able to build a relationship with your customers.

Visit some Knitting Blogs

If you're stuck, read some knitting blogs and see if they can give you some ideas. Obviously Yarn Harlot is taken.

What if I still can't come up with a name?

My default way of naming a knitting blog if there isn't any other idea is to find a creative way to describe your home, your town, or your region and add a knitting term.

Here are a few examples that I just made up:

  • California Lace
  • Country Socks
  • Purls from Nebraska (ok, now that could be a good pun name for two girls knitting in Nebraska)
  • Yarn Over Chicago
  • Knitting in DC
  • White Water Knitting
  • Knit Camper
  • Knit Traveller
  • Knitting Nomad


What happens after I pick a name?

Make sure someone doesn't already have it

It's hard enough to find things on the internet without having to figure out which Wendy's Knits is the Wendy's Knits you want to read. Once you've picked a name do a google search. Be sure to read through a couple of pages of search results to be sure. Then check Ravelry to see if the name is already taken. If it is, it's not the end of the world on Ravelry, you can pick something else similar. However the blog title should be unique to you. You can compete on Ravelry, but it is hard to compete with google search results.

Check to see if you can register the domain

Go on godaddy or another domain name registrar and see if you can get your blog title as a domain name. Even if you end up using blogger if you want to take you knit blogging seriously down the line you want to make sure that the domain name you want is available. If you know you want to use it, buy it. It's inexpensive. You can get 5 years of a domain name for $50.


How did you come up with the name of your blog? Was it easy? Do you have advice for new knit bloggers? Be sure to share in the comments.

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