So this morning I signed up for Berroco's Newsletter and took a little tour around their site and found it to be one of the best designed web sites among all of the yarn companies around.

Here's why:

The home page features clean design with clear navigation, engaging photos that direct you to cool knitting content, and most importantly: various ways to interact with Berroco. Whether finding new patterns, signing up for the newsletter, multimedia presentations or discovering the new summer line of yarns Berroco has found ways to make their products seem exciting.

Berroco has tutorials featuring their own yarns. In many tutorials, you have no idea what yarn the person is using. Knowing who has made the yarn, you can actually get a feel for what the yarn would look like if you were knitting it yourself. The yarn in the tutorial looks warm and squishy with an even hand. I know that I am more interested in Berroco as a result.

Their blog is updated regularly and with pictures of things people of knit from Berroco patterns,. It's timely and relevant and I will be returning to stay updated.

I especially love the New This Season page. Sure we have our favorites, but its nice to see an area dedicated to new yarns, patterns and trends so that they can stand out against the existing backlog. It's an excellent base of information from where you can explore other parts of the Berroco site.

Tell me, what are the other well-done yarn company web sites out there?


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