Perhaps some of the geekiest people are the Arrested Development enthusiasts. Some of the jokes are so obscure, so unrelated to everyday life and could only happen in the world of Arrested Development. Lucky for millions of fans, Arrested Development is back for a new season on Netflix and aficionados are looking for ways to celebrate. What better way to show your love for AD, than with a ridiculously funny knitted item.

Unfortunately there aren't a ton of Arrested Development inspired knitting patterns, but there are a few. For every Forget-me-know knitted pillow you wish existed there's a pair of socks inspired by a particular Arrested Development character.

Which brings me to the Funke Socks. More than Funky, they are Funke (insert appropriate accent there). Inspired by the Tobias Funke family, you can find a sock pattern for Tobias, Lindsey and Maybe to keep you busy through the fourth season of Arrested Development. Though, one does wonder what a pair of Lucille socks would look like.

Check out these socks by Liz Abinante:

The Maeby Socks:


The Lindsay Socks:


The Tobias Socks (of course they're blue)



UPDATE: 7/11/2014: has a giant list of Arrested Development inspired crafts.

Do you know of any other Arrested Development inspired knitting patterns? Tell us more in the comments!

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