Cable knitting is a nifty trick of the eyes, is the simple twisting of knitted stitches in front or behind one another, creating curved channels of knitting. The look seems complicated, but actually is quite simple. That said, add in enough cables to a pattern and you will have a difficult task of knitting each cable perfectly. No doubt, once you start cable knitting you will want to try using it for scarves, blankets and even sweaters. Learn everything you ever wanted to about cable knitting with these aran knitting books -from the history to the patterns. You'll be knitting cables in no time.

Books to Learn How to Knit Cables

51Ij4IiEHDL. SY300 Cables Untangled by Melissa Leapman is the best cable knitting book for beginners. While some of the other books are more traditional, Cables Untangled takes the time to teach you the basics while also giving you an appreciation for the history of cable knitting. There's patterns for men, women and children as well as for the home.



51eZxfQhOL. SY300 The Harmony Guides to Cables and Arans, edited by Erika Knight is a great way to teach yourself how to cable. Simply pick a couple of swatches to try. You'll find cables ranging from simple to advanced that you can add to your favorite sweater pattern. Get your cable knitting inspiration here. Erika Knight is an amazing knitting pattern designer with many books under her belt. She is an authority on simple wearable designs and will show you how to do cables right.

Advanced Cable Knitting Books

aranknittingalicestarmoreAran Knitting by Alice Starmore is the aran sweater knitting bible. It is the goal of many a knitter to successfully knit an Alice Starmore pattern. She is able to take a cable motif and use it in such a way that enhances the shape of a sweater. When you're becoming an advanced knitter and you want a piece of knitting that shews that you're up for any knitting challenge, pick up Aran Knitting. You will be a better knitter for it, able to understand the history and the technique. If you like Alice Starmore, you'll love her other books The Celtic Collection (check out the Cromarty Sweater), Fishermen's Sweaters and a reprint of Tudor Roses coming in December. Good luck though because many of these books are out of print and expensive to obtain!

Books to Teach You How to Design with Cables

Once you've mastered cable knitting you may want to try you hand at designing your own cable sweater or scarf, but how do you plot the cables on the chart? Are there special ways to represent different kinds of cables? What kinds of considerations do you need to make for the finished cabled fabric? The books below will help you figure out what you need to do to design your own aran sweater.

patternsforguernseysPatterns for Guernseys, Jerseys and Arans by Gladys Thompson will give you the very basics of Aran construction. Study this book and you'll understand how all of the pieces of the sweater come together neatly and professionally. It's an old school publication, but you'll learn how they did it back in the day.



traditionalaranknittingTraditional Aran Knitting from Shelagh Hollingworth

features many photographs of the traditional Fisherman's Aran sweater, published back in the early '80's.

features many photographs of the traditional Fisherman's Aran sweater, published back in the early '80's.


aransweaterdesignFor the ultimate in aran knitting pattern design, seek out Aran Sweater Design by Janet Szabo. There's nothing much more epic you can do as a knitter than grow your own sheep, shear your own sheep, wash the fleece, spin the fleece into yarn, dye the yarn and knit it into your own personally designed aran sweater. This is the epic challenge and you're going to need all the help you can get. Lucky for you this book outlines everything you need to design your own aran.

Whether you're just starting out as a new knitter or a seasoned yarn crafter there's a cable knitting book for you.

What's your favorite cable knitting book? Are we missing something important? Let us know in the comments!

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