So I finally got one of those Craftsy Mystery Boxes. It took about a week to get here and was a nice surprise to open on a Saturday morning. It looked like it might be a box of wine, but it was actually a box of yarn and the largest wooden knitting needles I have ever seen. These could double as vampire stakes in a pinch.

I also received 5 skeins of Cascade Kaleidoscope, an acrylic/nylon blend made in England. It's nice and soft and good for baby stuff, but I don't knit a lot of baby stuff so I'm probably going to hand it off to my mom.

Those Lantern Moon needles are lovely, and heavy and ginormous. I wonder if I should just have them for show in a needle jar or if I could use them as weapons in case of home invasion. I totally would you know. I don't have yarn big enough for these needles.

Finally, there was one skein of Bijoux yak/cormo yarn in this lovely deep red color. I love the yarn, but this color reminds me of my friend Bina, so I might give her the skein. I think she would find it entertaining to knit with yak. It's super soft.

In the end it felt like there wasn't really anything in the box that appealed to me, but that's part of the beauty of a mystery and it feels good to share the surprise with others. Mom will be surprised with her yarn and Bina too. I'd totally buy another box.


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