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I'm so pleased to announce that Designs by Cece, a fantastic graphic designer is diligently working on the KnitLuck site redesign. Starting in May we'll have a more polished look. She's a fantastic web designer. She's done a lot of crafting blogs, gives excellent customer service and she's very reasonably priced. (I mean it, customizing your blog is affordable, expecially with CeCe). Stay tuned for a blog post on how good design can affect your blog traffic!

design by cece

Also, I'm featuring Rebecca Danger who sells these fantastic monster knitting patterns. I have featured her frequently on KnitLuck because I think her designs are sharp, clean and fun to knit. Check out her shop!

In the meantime, here's what's been happening at KnitLuck

I and 12 other people have pledged to teach knitting/crochet/spinning/dyeing to at least one other person by June 17th. We're doing this in the spirit of shoring up morale in this bad economy. I believe that even if the people who learn how to knit do not become obsessed with fiber arts, that some good will come with the social interaction of teaching others. Signups are open until May 1st. While we've met our goal of 10 pledges, the more the merrier, so encourage other to join and we can all make a difference. Don't you remember the knitting olympics?

Click here and here to learn more about the Teach Knitting Pledge and our pledges.

I have booked my flight and hotel. Now I have to figure out what classes to take. I'm really hoping to meet other knitters on this trip and hope we can all find a friendly bar where we can sit and knit. Portland knitters, are you ready for the invasion?

My day job is Internet marketing. There are all of these tips and tricks that the corporate world uses to get more traffic to their web sites. I want to apply this knowledge to the knit blogging community because of all of the fabulous content on the interwebs. Nobody knows it's out there unless if you know how to market your knitting blog. There are some simple ways to get more traffic and show the world what you're doing. Seriously knitters are dying to know!

I was inspired by Sock Camp.
You can see all of the great stuff knitters were doing at sock camp, AKA camp Knittyhaha. That's one of my favorite posts of the week so far. :)

Take a look at my other favorite posts from the last week:

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