Hey you guys didn't think that I had forgotten about the knitting pledge did you? Signups are still going on until May 1st. If you participate you have up to June 17th to teach one person how to knit and document it (all in the name of supporting the local economy and your local yarn shop -more knitters = more yarn stashes = good stuff for your LYS)

Also I have a winner of the special Claudia Hand Dyed Boucle to announce.


Steffany F! Come on down, you're the big winner at the KnitLuck Teach Knitting Pledge. Please email me your address and I'll send you the big prize.





We also have more quotes from another participant, Tonya. :) She gets major props from me because a member of her family is in the military. I can't think of a better occupation to help pass the days than knitting. Oh, and by the way, she's already fulfilled the pledge! Go to her blog to shee her teaching experience!

Here's why she joined the pledge:

A few years ago when my husband was on a military deployment I invited some of the other lonely wives over and we had a couple of knitting parties. I put out wine and snacks and taught each of them to knit. It was coming up to Christmas so their first project was to knit tiny stockings that we put a cigar in and sent over to our men. Ever since then I've seen girl in one of my mother's group asking if we can hold knitting parties because they would love to learn but nothing ever came of them. So the knitting pledge forced me to dedicate my time to teaching someone.

When she started knitting/crocheting:

My mum taught me from a very young age how to knit. I was raised on a goat farm and my parents owned a mohair shop. My mum and other knitters would make the garments for the store and I think mum was thrilled that she could teach me to knit. My younger sister never quite got the hang of it being left handed. Knitting quickly became a hobby that I loved and I have knitted ever since.

Who she's going to teach:

Almost as soon as I put my blog post up regarding the knitting pledge it updated on my Facebook status where one of my local friends read it and sent me a message asking if I could teach her. She had just purchased needles that day and was eager to learn but is more a visual learner than a book learner. So we scheduled a day when our children could play together and over lunch and a playdate I taught her how to knit. It turned out that she could crochet and was able to pick up knitting very quickly and as an added bonus she taught me how to crochet too.

Thank you Tonya for participating and sharing yoru experience with us.

It's not too late, click here to join the pledge!

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