alexandraI've written about Alexandra Walters before, because I am a huge fan of her work. Alexandra is a needlepoint artist who hand dyes her own thread to stitch cultural icons, reflections on mental illness, and images of the American military. Alexandra posesses the rare abillity to encourage viewers to re-examine the everyday without having to shock them. The offset placement of her portraits within the frame juxtaposed against their fabric backgrounds lead me to consider my place in the world and how objects and icons shape my perception of myself. My favorite thing about Alexandra's work is how personal it is, how intimate it is while at the same time exploring conflicts that affect humans universally.

The group blog that she takes charge of: "Meet Me in the Day Room" is well worth following. It's a great place to get updates on Alexandra's work and to learn more about innovative needlecrafters. Please visit her blog to see all of Alexandra's work, her latest pieces featuring Batman and Wonder Woman are not to be missed.

Here are my favorite art works by Alexandra Walters:




There are many more pieces that I love, but if I post them all here, you have no reason to visit Alexandra's blog, which I strongly encourage you to do.

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