DSCN0618 medium2I have two cardigan sweaters on the needles. That should be enough, right? Apparently not. The two sweaters I'm working on (the Dahlia Cardigan and the Shakespeare Cardigan if you're new around here) are fall/winter cardigans. I live in California. It's a strange place to live in and not just because we're a bunch of expressive free spirits. If you're not from around here, you probably think that it's all warm and beaches and bikinis all the time. You would be wrong. Our winters are much warmer here than in most places in North America, but the summer time is never warm enough, especially where I live.

I live in the San Francisco Bay Area, not too far from a beach actually and the temperature is inconsistent one hour from the next. You never get that whole day of heat where you can confidently wear a pair of shorts and a tank top without getting cold. Heck, you can't even wear a t-shirt and jeans without getting a little chilly.

During San Francisco summers you wear layers and you use them all. In the morning you might have both a cotton cardigan and a denim jacket to brace yourself against the nippy fog. Then you remove these in the late morning when you get a hint of heat, but then you put those layers back on as soon as the breezy San Francisco air conditioning kicks in around 2pm. If you even think about visiting the ocean beach you'd better bring a parka. Hot chocolate wouldn't be amiss. I have been known to wear a scarf and a hat to the beach... in the middle of the summer.

I have on occasion tried to use one of my wool sweaters to combat this bipolar weather pattern, but they're just too hot. So I need a cotton cardigan... for the summer.

Here's the thing. I know that I won't have this cardigan done this year. I don't think I have enough time to knit a cotton cardigan probably on size 5 or 6 needles and be finished in time for June. However, if I just put it in my head that this is a cardigan for summer 2014, I might just be able to convince myself to give it a whirl.

So here we are again, perusing Ravelry looking for another perfect cardigan to knit. I've dug out some yarn from my stash. It's only about 1100 yards of some old discontinuted Crystal Palace Breeze in a dreamy aqua blue. I'm hoping to find a couple more skeins. I've pinged someone on ravelry who said she had a few as of last September so there's hope.

But then there's the problem of picking out the right pattern. It has to be cool, understated, and wearable with just about anything. And not look frumpy. Oh and it needs to cover my boobs without making the sweater all lumpy. I don't want to end up looking like Lumpy Space Princess.

Got any recommendations?

*The picture abovie is of Martin Storey's Promenade Cardi, knit by dianaknitter.

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