newknittersguidelogoDo you remember when you first learned to knit? Do you remember how it soon became an all consuming passion where you had to know all the things about knitting? Do you remember how intimidating it was to first enter a community of knitters? When you learn to knit, you're not just learning a new skill you're learning a new way of living. That's why we've created The New Knitters Guide. It's a resource for new knitters to share everything they need to know about knitting culture so that they're not totally clueless at the yarn shop or at their first knit night.

If you're new to knitting and you want to know what the heck all of those other knitters are talking about, like who is the Yarn Harlot, or what exactly makes a yarn snobby and what is this ravelry thing that everyone keeps talking about then check out out New Knitters Guide.

Here's a sample of the articles you'll find:

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Have you been knitting a long time? What knitting secrets do you wish you had known in the beginning?

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