It's only a matter of time before the whole world catches onto Adventure Time. You know when something has hit the geek jackpot when people start creating things from the show. Adventure Time is the story of Finn the Human and Jake the Dog, who live in the land of Ooo, which is supposed to be post apocalyptic earth. They help Princess Bubblegum in the candy kingdom. Keep in mind that P-Bub is pretty badass herself... she fixes things with science! Now you know a little bit more about what the heck Adventure Time is when the kiddies ask you to make a Lady Rainicorn or Finn.


Here are Ravelry's search results for Adventure Time Patterns.

You can see the whole crew here. You can crochet the whole Adventure Time army over on Craftster. Malice in Wonderland did an amazing job. She offers all of her amigarumi patterns *for free*

BMO is Finn and Jake's game console. You can crochet Bmo for a scarf. That would even make me smile in the dead of winter.

You can even make a Jake the Dog phone cozy.

You can make yourself a Finn hat!

Adventure Time Mitts!

UPDATE 7/11/2014

We've found some more Adventure Time knits that make us smile:

Craft Foxes has a great list of Adventure Time crafts that their users have uploaded

Lizard Crafts has done an amazing Finn the Human doll pattern -check out some of her other patterns too!

Vanessa from Mixed Martial Arts and Crafts made a Finn the Human Hat pattern that you can knit. Get rid of some of that white yarn in your stash ;)

I also adore this Adventure Time knitted washcloth pattern. It's sure to get your little kids to help out more with the cleaning -from Knitbyahen

Have you knit any Adventure Time patterns? Share them in the comments!

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