I don't know about you, but that whole Nanny Modern Parenting Crisis Article has me all bent out of shape.

I'm all for giving parents good parenting information, but I'm really sick of hearing about "crises" regarding parenting. What we have are multiple problems, some of them related to poor parenting skills that contribute to the lack of perspective and patience in children. That isn't to say that children should not be taught to be patient, respectful individuals who follow instructions, but I get irritated whenever I hear parenting as the only reason that children behave this way. It disregards the societal and cultural reasons parents may be behaving the way that they are - not to mention one of the biggest influences on parents today: their own childhoods.

When we solve some of the more pressing crises I'll feel better about putting even more pressure on parents regarding the behavior of their children:

1) Housing costs that require both parents to work full time and multiple jobs
2) Childcare that costs as much as a mortgage every month
3) TV commercials aimed at children with no regard for age appropriateness
4) Healthcare costs that force families to work longer hours/additional jobs
5) The widespread availability of guns
6) A federal government that prioritizes military action over education and infrastructure
7) An economy that is more focused on consumerism rather than on supporting the family unit.
8) The high cost of mental health services
9) Lack of mental health services in public schools
10) The lack of community parenting support. Every parent feels like they have to reinvent the wheel.

I could go on and on. 

Furthermore, I doubt that any generation of parents has had more focus put on their parenting skills.

Let me know when our local and state governments start making legislative changes to support all families and I'll start giving more parents hell about their parenting decisions.

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