Ahoy Ahoy!

I'm Angela. I've been blogging since 2004 and here at Knit Luck since 2009. Knitting found me back in 2004 and changed my life. You can read all about that here. I believe that learning to knit can help people live better lives. Knit Luck is about helping people discover knitting and find ways to join the knitting community at large. We do this by providing helpful knitting information and resources. 

When I'm not knitting I'm a mother to two boys and wife to my gamer husband. We love board games, traveling, cooking, writing and reading. 

I've also been known as a housing activist, cooperative preschool parent, and project manager. I love knowing all things knitting.

Thank you for coming to Knit Luck. Feel free to email me at grenadinegirl at gmail dot com, friend me on Ravelry, follow me on Twitter, or join us at the Knit Luck Facebook page if you want to connect. 


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