This Saturday, I had the rare pleasure of a little me-time. I have been wanting a massage since the day I gave birth to the munchkin nearly nine months ago. There were opportunities, but something always came up. Finally, I was able to schedule a massage with my friend Angelique, who has a studio in downtown Petaluma on Water Street. She has a small studio, very cozy in an unassuming spot and tastefully decorated. The massage was great -just the right amount of pressure, plenty of communication, but not too much. Plus, it was nice to get a massage and not have to deal with all the spa stuff -the locker, the product selling, the other guests etc. I highly recommend Angelique and will be happy to pass along her contact details if you request them.

chasingrainbowsA trip to Petaluma wouldn't be complete without a trip to Knitterly. I don't care how relaxed I was from the massage, if I'm in Petaluma, I'm going to Knitterly, no doubt about it and this trip did not disappoint. There was a sale bin outside with some beautiful silk/wool blend that would make a great pair of fingerless mitts, dyed by Chasing Rainbows dyeworks in Mudcloth (see left).

I asked someone (possibly the owner) at Knitterly where I should go to lunch, something Italian that wasn't too expensive, but wasn't too cheap and she quickly recommended Sugo, which was outstanding. OUTSTANDING. I splurged on a glass of wine, the Verdure pasta, which was a penne pasta with ribbons of zucchini, asparagus and mushrooms in a tangy pesto cream sauce, and the beet salad. It was tasty, comforting and indulgent and worth every calorie. The food was well executed and satisfying. Viewing the website, the owners/chefs were working while I enjoyed my lunch. It was enjoyable watching people put so much care into their work. You could tell that they and their staff were passionate and it was reflected in the food. I would go back and take friends in a heartbeat.

If you're a knitter in the bay area on a budget and you need a little day trip to soothe yourself and placate your yarn addition, you could do a lot worse than a visit to Petaluma.

The Places I Visited:

Angelique Catallo, Massage Therapist and Health Educator - 221C Water St, Petaluma (facing the river)

Knitterly - No. 1 Fourth Street, Petaluma, CA 94952 - 707-762-yarn (9276)

Sugo Trattoria - 5 Petaluma Blvd. South, Suite B, Petaluma, CA 94952 - 707-782-9298

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