You can knit rainbows. You can knit a blanket for a chair.


So yeah, the cotton chenille rainbow chevron blanket is finished, ends woven in. It now sits in its permanent home on the best knitting chair on earth. I'm very happy with it. It puts the happy in the phrase "happy place". I didn't think I could love this chair more, but now that it has a handknitted lumbar pillow and a blanket I feel right at home sitting in it. Now if only I could find my little pouf. That's what I use to put my feet up while I'm sitting and I'm sitting in the chair as I type this. One of my children must have stolen the darned thing. One thing's certain. I am not knitting a pouf for this chair. I might be crazy. I might even be knitting crazy, but I'm not that crazy. 

Or am I?


No, really I'm not. I'm just knitting a pair of socks. Finally got out of the weeds and started knitting the second sock. It's only taken me practically a whole year to knit these socks. Most of the time it only takes me two weeks. I'm back on a roll again and perhaps, just perhaps I might get these done by the time the school year ends.


What are you knitting?

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