2013blogandcrochetweekIt's Knit and Crochet Blog week here at Knit Luck. Thanks to Eskimimi knitters and crocheters are all blogging about the same topics in celebration of our beloved craft. You can see yesterday's post here, or check out our participation from last year.


Today we are supposed to write about tools for knitters and crocheters to covet and in fact, I have been writing a lot about a tool that knitters LOVE and that's interchangeable knitting needles. I'm still on the hunt for the best set of interchangeable knitting needles.


 Soon I will be reviewing the Lantern Moon Interchangeable Knitting Needles. I had the chance to try out the Ebony and Rosewood needles, which are completely handmade. At first I was skeptical that they would be worth the high cost, but they are exquisite needles with a handfeel that can't be rivaled. I'll get more into the needles in the review, but for now, check out the Knit Luck Interchangeable Knitting Needle Guide to learn more.

While you're here, be sure to let me know what your favorite set of interchangeable knitting needles are. I'm really interested in hearing which sets you love and why you love them.

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