Improving your knitting skillset is something easier said than done when you have small children. I have been working on the Diminishing Rib Cardigan since November. You might recognize this cardi from the front of an Interweave Knits Magazine. It's a top-down raglan. I've never knit a top-down raglan so this has been my most recent foray into new knitting techniques. Unfortunately, I've had to rip out this sweater three times because my 2 year old has gotten into this knitting project, ripping out stitches to the point where I had to start all over again. It was hard not to seethe with anger at my child the third time that happened.

Somehow last January I was able to finally knit beyond the point where I've had to start over 3 times and now I'm ready to separate out the sleeves and put them on a holder while I work on the rest of the body. However, it's hard to concentrate around two children and I haven't wanted to mess up having gotten this far. Plus by the end of the day my brain is too baby fried to want to attempt this next step in the knitting process. So I've been sticking to knitting socks. I can knit socks with my eyes closed.

Right now the Diminishing Rib Cardi looks like a lump of a sweater.


But when you look closer you can see that there's a neck, and some shoulders.


A little bit more of the shoulder shaping:


I like how this is turning out:


The sweater is starting to inspire me again and it might just be time to prioritize it. I have made it my Ravelympics team training project and I'm supposed to have it finished by June 1st. My inner knitter is telling me "good luck with that", but I know it's doable.

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