Today is creative post day and I spent all day today working on this post to finally have it ready for this evening. I did a video blog post. I was all excited to go to Verb, but there was one small hiccup. Watch the video to see what happened.


What you don't see in the movie was how blinded I was inside Verb... blinded by all the knitting designers! I didn't feel comfortable just shooting video of everyone, especially since I didn't know them very well and they were all there to see Stephen West who was there showing off his amazing collections of designs. I had a limited amount of time to shoot and what I really wanted was to check out Cirilia from Skacel who was offering Addi Click interchangeable knitting needle sets to try out.

I spent a lot of time getting video for the next installment of The Interchangeable Knitting Needle Guide. I'll be publishing that next week. I'll tell you which Addi Click set I think is the best and how Addi Clicks set themselves apart from all the other interchangeable knitting needle sets. Stay tuned!

As to the creative blog post, I was sooooo excited to finally get a chance to video blog. I learned a lot, like I needed to stick to a plan and have more time. I wish I spent a little more time filming the specific yarns on hand at Verb and getting interviews with the owners and if I had even more time get some interviews with our knitting writers and designers. Maybe next time and there will definitely be a next time because Verb is truly one of the gems in the spectrum of bay area yarn stores (and there are so, so many great stores here). It's totally worth making the trip to Oakland if you're in the area.

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