Whether you're a knitter looking to add to your personal knitting book library or the friends and family of an obsessed knitter, you'll be glad to know that this year has brought a bumper crop of beautiful knitting books. A hardbound knitting book, full of gorgeous photographs and knitting projects will make any knitter happy whether its their birthday or the holidays. Here's a selection of knitting books from 2012 that will make you or your knitter drool.

10 Must Have Knitting Books for 2012

DreamingincolorDream in Color Kaffe Fassett's Autobiography
Kaffe Fassett is the authority on color in quilting, needlepoint and knitting. He's led a fascinating life as well, growing up in California then making the move to the UK. Knitters and designers alike will find his voyage inspiring.




Knit Socks for All Seasons
I know what you're thinking: yet another sock book? Sock knitters will tell you that you can never have too many knitting books, and Knit Socks for All Seasons is useful. Some people live in climates where it's too hot to wear wool socks, some people don't like wearing wool socks. Socks for all seasons takes climate and weather into consideration and now you can too.

WhattoknitwhenyoureexpectingWhat to Knit When You're Expecting
No this is not a book only for expectant mothers, it can also be a book for people who love expectant mothers. Inside you'll find projects for adorable and practical gifts for new (and renewed) parents. This is the book for you especially if you need a large dose of cute to brighten your day.



knittingeverydayfineryKnitting Everyday Finery
This is Mel Clark's fancy way of saying "practical yet beautiful knitting projects that could be knit in a weekend". The croissant bag alone is worth buying the whole book, but Everyday Vest makes a great gift for Father's Day too. A book of gift knitting at its finest.




NovemberKnitsNovember Knits
Another book of exquisite sweaters for the height of the fall season. You'll want to wear these at Thanksgiving.




handknittersyarnguideHandknitter's Yarn Guide
The Book of Yarn is great, but my complaint about it was that it didn't have enough photos. Honestly it wasn't supposed to, that's a whole other book and somebody has done it. A book to enjoy when you're away from your stash. Probably something great for your ipad.


handknitbookA Handknit Romance
There are some knitters for whom knitting provides a connection to a past, one filled with ruffly shirts, wavy hair and horses. If your knitter loves Jane Austen and has both copies of Jane Austen knitting, this is the book to get for them.





Style Books to Inspire Knitters

cupcakesandcashmereCupcakes and Cashmere
This is not a knitting book, but what knitter wouldn't appreciate a book of style. This is probably a lot less expensive than buying cashmere. The Sex and the City reference on the front cover is a bit much, but oh well. It's still a fun book, especially if you're on a budget.



AtoZStyleA to Z of Style
Knitting designers will appreciate new sources of inspiration to influence their knitting.






lookhotinaminivanHow to Look Hot in a Minivan
I am very interested in reading the whole of this book because it is no easy think to look hot, or attractive in a minivan. Having a minvan suggests that one has small children and any parent can attest that it's difficult at best not to seem like a disheveled mess. It takes at least two, if not three years post partum to look and feel a little bit closer to one's self. This book will get you on your way.



Special note: I would love to receive any and all of these books for giftmas this year. Hint, hint honey.

Are these books on your knitting book wish list? What's missing? Let us know in the comments and we might add it.

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